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How to purchase and sell bitcoins through BTC ATM?

Buying digital currency requires knowledge and skills. This myth is already dispelled. Since BTC ATM appeared, anyone can buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without any problems. Bitcoin ATM is a special machine that allows purchasing and selling digital currency. It usually looks just like ordinary ATM but it has different functions. An opportunity to convert bitcoins to cash and vice versa is the main advantage of this type of the machine.

To become a digital currency owner you need to make several simple steps.

  • Find a machine. You can google ‘BTC ATM near me’ or use special mobile apps and online web services which will show the machine location.
  • Learn about its functions and properties: what type this ATM is, what currencies you can buy or sell, whether it is available 24/7, what fees you will have to pay etc. Usually, apps give this information.
  • Use BTC ATM map to find the best machine for your purposes. Almost all of them allow purchasing bitcoins but only a third part of all installed machines allows buying other digital currencies.
  • Generally, the procedure is easy: identify yourself or keep your anonymity if ATM allows to do it, then choose an amount of bitcoins you want to buy, enter your bitcoin wallet ID, insert cash to a machine and confirm the transaction.
  • From five to twenty minutes bitcoins will be credited to your wallet. The amount may be different because of the rates fluctuations. Sometimes bitcoins exchange rate is very unstable.
  • If you want to sell bitcoins, the process will be similar. Just pick up another option – sell – enter your wallet and amount you want to sell. ATM will show you the amount in EUR or USD you’ll get after the exchange. Confirm transaction and receive your cash.

Sometimes BTC ATM QR-code is required. It happens during identification or transaction’s confirmation. Make sure, you have your phone when you go to purchase BTC for cash.