Bitcoin SV (BSV)
Exchange rate Bitcoin SV (BSV) on 27/01/2021, 01:00:02

€ 142.690


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Price EUR:
€ 142,690
Price BTC:
0.00540615 BTC
€ 2 663 083 752
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-0.19 %

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  • 142.690 €
  • 173.540 $
  • 126.300 £
  • 625 833.333 C$
  • 223.890 A$

Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin Easy

Nowadays, many people want to become owners of cryptocurrency. It is not a secret that it is becoming more and more popular. There are a lot of countries where you can purchase almost everything with the help of Bitcoin. It is used to book a hotel, to pay for trips, for tickets, food, cosmetics and even education. Cryptocurrency start conquering the world and if you wish to be a part of this modern world, start thinking how to buy Bitcoin easy. It is possible to pay for it in many ways like using your debit or credit card or paying with the help of other cryptocurrencies.  It depends on who you are purchasing from and a place where you live.

Easy ways to buy Bitcoin.

  1. ATM are specially designed machines that allow purchasing cryptocurrency around the world. Just find one of these Bitcoin ATMs and purchase a necessary amount of one of the most popular electronic currency. There is one big plus - by using these machines it is possible to do it anonymously.  You will not have to show an ID or a scan your fingerprint.  Some say that ATMs charge a big cost for transactions, around 9% fees. Despite of this fact, it is possible to use one of 1600 machines that are located all over the world and their number is constantly growing.
  2. Visit sites like Coinmama  or Coinbase. There are some sites that allow buying Bitcoin easy online. Before using them think about a special wallet where you will store your cryptocurrency. There are several kinds of wallets: Online, Offline and Hardware.

 Everything you have to do is just to create an account on Coinbase and add a credit card to your profile on the website. It is really easy to buy Bitcoin with credit card. The next step will be to provide your ID. Then you can start purchasing Bitcoins using your credit card. Remember that such services as Coinmama or Coinbase charge a fee. Using Coinbase you will have to pay 3,99 % fee and Coinmama charges a little bit more, about 6 % fee. Don’t hesitate and become an owner of Bitcoin in less than 5 minutes using one of these services.