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Dec, 2018

Ethereum co-founder calls «the Cryptobottom of 2018»

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of major cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), declared that he is “calling the cryptobottom of 2018” in a tweet Dec. 21.


According to Lubin, the crypto market’s bottom “is marked by an epic amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt,” specifically from industry media and social commentators, which he refers to as “our friends in the 4th and crypto-5th estates.”


Continuing in a Twitter thread, the founder of Ethereum blockchain-focused software firm ConsenSys then evidently addressed his firms recently reported major layoffs: “ConsenSys remains healthy and is engaging in a rebalancing of priorities and activities which started about nine months ago.”


In the same thread, Lubin complained about “an epic amount of conjecture and preemptive paranoia” concerning “situations journalists and bloggers don't have real data for, actual insight into, or understanding of.”


Concluding, Lubin reiterated his optimism about the future of Ethereum, stating: “The sky is not falling. From my perspective the future looks very bright. Peaking into 2019, if you could see the landscape through my eyes, you'd have to wear shades.”