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Oct, 2020

Over a $1 Billion Transferred in Bitcoin Network

While Bitcoin’s price has surpassed $13,000, the largest transaction in terms of value in the crypto history. More specifically, an anonymous user moved 88,857 bitcoins of total value around $1.1 billion. Indeed, the fee that he paid in the network for confirming this transaction was only $3.5 !!!


According to different crypto analytics platforms, the transaction derived from a Xapo wallet. As we know the institutional department of Xapo has been bought from Coinbase so we suspect the transaction was made through the exchange.


The previous large transactions were held in April 2020 in Bitfinex exchange, with 161,500 bitcoins valued at $1.1 billion with just a $0.68 transaction fee while back in 2011, a transaction in Mt. Gox included 550,000 bitcoins, total worth $7 billion.