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Mar, 2020

Two New Blockchain Accelerators in USA and China

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is the University of Berkeley’s startup program, focused on blockchain startups and decentralized technologies.


Over the last days, the program starts to accept startups that fight COVID-19 like Snark Health, which want to create a decentralized framework for data-driven conversations regarding medical issues. The platform wants to issue its cryptocurrency, “Hippocratic Coin”, which will allow doctors and patients to share their views and get paid through the currency.


In parallel, Binance Academy, Binance’s educational platform, announced a new research institute based in Shanghai. The space will be trying to attract talents and new ideas around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


The hub’s goal is to attract blockchain startups, involving new technologies like artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things. This initiative is the second trying for Binance to enter the Chinese market after its shut down in September 2017.