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Aug, 2019

Blockchain Research Institute’s New Report

Blockchain Research Institute is the brain child of Alex Tapscott, author of Blockchain Revolution and has become a research center about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


The new report will be published in the following fall and will give insights and predictions about the cryptocurrency industry until 2030.


The main pillars of the report will be :

  1. World’s leading economies like USA and China will develop their own cryptocurrencies, replacing the fiat money in an extendable base and making their residents to adopt them.
  2. Bitcoin will become the next gold in the new financial system as more and more investors feel Bitcoin as a shelter in periods of high instability in traditional financial markets.
  3. Most multinational companies, with a proper budget, will start developing their cryptocurrencies, which will give them the opportunity to build a more faithful customer base and expand their profitability. This move can cause instabilities in weaker economies, where the local population may choose the private money over the state one.


In the report, Facebook’s Libra Project is mentioned as a defining moment for the technology world and the power that will offer to many people financial services, not available to them.


In the end, there is a mention for altcoins also, where it is highlighted that the 99 % of them will not exist in the future and they don’t serve any purpose. At least, Ethereum seems to have a bright future, especially on building Decentralized Apps (DApps) and create applications on Decentralized Finance (DeFi).